Western Winter Wreath

Last fall I needed something fresh for our coffee table. I love making my own decorations and try to use inexpensive and readily available, functional products. So on one of those last warm days my kids and I went for a countryside walk with a pail and scissors and while enjoying the sunshine and exercise we stopped to gather rose hips, twigs with interesting berries, pine cones, and some dry old looking twigs from a fallen tree. I put everything into the pail and said if its not broken by the time we get home it might mean these items could stay nice through-out our long winter here on our coffee table without breaking all to bits.
The next day was even prettier and I and my husband went for a little drive in the country. We where looking for a fence that was falling down somewhere or a roll of old barbed wire that was hanging on a fence waiting to be trashed. We where in luck and where successful in being able to find a piece of wire about 9 feet long. This we took home and loosely circled into a wreath about 10″ around. We wanted to be able to put a 6″ candle in the center. It took about an hour to decorate the wreath with the branches and berries I had found and to make the hanky florets and hot glued everything into place. It wasn’t to difficult to make really, and has been a very sweet addition to our Christmas decor and hasn’t gotten old since Christmas is long past now. It is brittle but spraying it with varnish immediately after i made it really helped to harden everything. Some leaves have broken off and berries fall off every time our little playful daughter bumps it by accident but it’s not messy and you can’t tell that dozens of berries are already missing.
One reason I was especially interested in using barbed wire is because you can scrape off hot glue and redecorate again and again with new fresh ideas or just use it plain to show off that wild western ranch look, which I dearly love myself.


I made the hanky florets out of some old hankies from my childhood. Starting at one corner I loosely rolled them diagonally and then rolled up the roll and stitched then together so that when we where finished with them I could undo everything and there was no harm done. I affixed these with thread AFTER I had glued everything into place and varnished the wreath with spray on Varithane lacquer.


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