Happily I make our home. Honored that God thought I was good enough to be a wife to my sweet husband and mother to two adorable little ones. Thankful for a place to call home and somewhere that I can “let my hair down”. I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything, what we have is true love and family. Those are the two most important things I think to make a comfortable house and a beautiful home. Larry and I have been married for 2 years. We are so fortunate to have finally met each other. We lived 40 hours from each other during the 9 months that we dated; that the longest 9 months of my life, waiting for our next weekend together.
The Lord gave us two beautiful children, Madison 16 months and Austen 5 months. They are the two most adorable children in the world to me and their daddy, we do so love them and truly hope that we will parent them right and give them what they need to make their lives fulfilling and successful.
Larry works at construction, mostly exterior renovations and small but much needed exterior repairs like replacing gutter, fixing leaking roofs, replacing windows and doors, building dream decks and beautiful sunrooms. He and his dad and brother stay busy all year with this work.
I am the mommy so naturally I stay home with the kids a lot although sometimes I do get out and help when I feel like it. Sometimes I bake a coffee break snack for the guys if they are working in the area and sometimes I get out there and “help”. On these occasions the little ones spend some time with grandma. They have a very loving grandma and grandpa and two sweet aunties and two uncles here in Alberta. The babies don’t really know my family since they are so far away. I hope they will in time get to know them well too because they are a great bunch.



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